canine cargo carts™:  dog carts for pulling breeds                                                                                                                     presents the Canine Cargo Cart™: a dog cart for dogs that love to pull and people who love to walk and hike.  Our dog carts allow you to walk with your dogs while they pull gear.



At, we believe a small investment in a well-made cart is an investment in the health and happiness of both dog and owner!  A dog cart is a great way to exercise dogs that are bred to pull or just have excess energy!  Cargo Carts™ allow active owners to walk or hike while their dogs work.                       
Pulldogs carts have two wheels and a slightly lower center of gravity, so they're easier for the dog to turn and maneuver and harder to tip than a dog wagon.  
Pulldogs Cargo Carts™  have an aluminum support loop to help lift them over large curbs and rocks (except small dog and duo carts), and never-go-flat tires for worry-free trips.  Carts feature removable anodized aluminum shafts that are wrapped in handlebar tape for the dog's comfort, and are positioned to allow the dog to comfortably sit and lie down while attached to the cart.  Shafts on all but small carts are also sectioned for portability.    Canine Cargo Carts feature extra touches like rounded rails, tie-downs and leash ring, custom license decal and fleece bolt-bag and sleeves for shaft storage.  They're designed for years of use, and for convenient storage when not in use.  
At, we produce dog carts that are sturdy, stable, and attractive.  We offer multiple color combinations to complement any dog!
Padded fleece-lined pulling harnesses match carts and cart accessories.  
Pulldogs dog carts carry camping and fishing gear, food and water, emergency supplies, groceries (go green!) and anything else you can imagine!  Cargo Carts™ are light enough to be portable (less than 30 pounds for Standard), but sturdy enough to give your pulling dogs the exercise they need and hold the gear you want!  
They're also great for hiking with your dog: conditioned dogs can comfortably carry only 1/4 to 1/3 their body weight, but can pull 2-3 times their body weight for the same distance. 

 *Please consult your veterinarian before starting your dog on any exercise regimen, just as you would consult your own medical doctor*