Pulldogs features the dog cart for active dogs and active people!                                                                                                                          

Dog Ride-Along Cart custom feature is now available for all our carts*.  It's great for families with one active and one retired pulling dog, or one large and one small dog.  *except toy breed cart(s)

Pulldogs introduces the solution for multi-dog households with one physically handicapped dog or one large and one (or more) small dogs: the Dog Ride-Along Cart custom order feature. Modification  includes a restraint harness and four adjustable tie-downs with clips for riding dog.    Better than a dog wheelchair, the cart allows the whole family to go along on walks!  Any cart can be customized to carry a dog of similar size to the pulling dog*, including our Small Dog cart and Duo Carts.  We still recommend a customized giant cart for any riding dog weighing over 75#. The modification allows riding dog  to lie down or sit up while restrained.